Do You Know What Is The TRP of Official Site Of Income Tax?
TRP is the tax return preparer announced by the Government of India in 2006 -2007.  They are the unemployed youth of this country with a bachelors degree from a recognized university and trained by the Income tax department to be a bridge between the small & medium taxpayers and the Government if India for income tax related clarifications and assistance.

The qualifications to become a TRP:
The TRP Scheme aimed to encourage and enable the small and medium taxpayers of India is managed by the Income Tax Department.  The official Website of the Income Tax opens the doors for youth who are well qualified in Law, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Commerce, and MBAs are the right person for becoming a TRP.  The age limit is between 21 years to 35 years.  The income tax department every year of for a specific period of time conducts training and tests for these TRPs to be eligible for income tax assistance and updating their income tax skills.

The Purpose of TRP Scheme:
Since only less than 2 % of the Indian public are filing returns and paying tax , the Government has opted for TRP scheme to benefit everyone involved.  Some of it includes:

  • Government gets its tax paid
  • Unemployed youth can build their career in the form of TRPs
  • The assistance and encouragement of clearing the fathoms of income tax still prevailing in major parts of India
  • The importance of ITRs in getting bank loans to develop businesses across India.  Financial assistance to skilled people develop into conglomerates in future.

Hence to clear the fathoms surrounding the income tax filing and paying tax cleared in the minds of the public and make them to file returns and pay tax to make India one of the Super powers of the world, the TRPs contribute their part.