Which online tax portal has secure and Simple Income Tax login?

 These days, tax filing has become easy, quick and simple due to the introduction of different online tax portals. Over time, many changes have come regarding the procedure in order to make it get done quickly and easily. These portals allow making the payment of tax in the most hassle-free and safe manner. Right from the comfort of your home, you can make the payment of Simple Income Tax.

The best part is of using tax portals is that they are secure and safe to use. There’re different tax portals through which once can easily make the payment of tax. But, two most commonly used portals that are widely used making the payment are H&R block and income tax department portal. Income tax department portal is no doubt a secure portal through which tax can be paid in a few minutes by following some simple steps.

A bit about H&R block

This block ensures Simple Income Tax payment. It also offers an excellent solution on various aspects such as expert advice on tax preparations, electronic filing of tax returns and many more. In comparison with other online portals, H&R block is simple, secure and easy to use. One thing about which the tax payer thinks about a lot is the confidentiality of their details. H&R block uses the concept of encryption technology for keeping all the details & information of tax payer safe and confidential.

Services and facilities with H&R block

This online portal not only ensures Simple Income Tax payment but also provides expert’s advice on different tax-related topics. Right from tax chat to tax consultancy, the tax payer will get all the services with this portal.

For filing the tax return on this portal, tax payer just needs to upload the form 16. This portal is designed with online software that will help in automatically filing the returns of the tax payer.