Is Tracking Refund Income Tax Status Simple and how?

E-filing when done correctly without any errors there is no need of any refund from income tax authorities.  But human errors are possible and that too e-filing a new concept for many mistakes are bound to happen.  But again technology makes it easier to get the refund as a reward of gift back into your bank account.  This is also done with the comfort of your home and the curiosity of when to get back the refund is also sufficiently covered by refund income tax status.  This is the added facility to reduce the anxiety of the taxpayers to check online the refund income status at any time.

How easy is refunded income tax status to check online:

It is as simple as some 10 – 20 clicks in the official website of income tax.  The refund income tax status may show the following results after 3 to 6 months if it is not credited in your bank account.

Refund has expired:

This means you have applied for the refund beyond the assessment year or belated according to the timeframe of Income-tax authorities.  You have to undergo a few more steps to recover your refund amount.

Refund has returned:

If this is shown on the screen it means that the refund sent by registered post has been returned as not delivered or no one to receive the cheque.

Received through direct credit mode has failed:

This means that the bank account number which you have submitted while e-filing has become dormant closed or for any other reasons the income tax authorities could not make payment in that account.

What If ECS refund advice is received but bank account not credited:

This could be the mistake on the part of the bank because of mismatch of account number, IFSC OR MICR code or any other possibilities of your account not being credited with the refund.

Refund adjusted against previous outstanding amounts:

The refund you acquired for the current assessment year could have been adjusted for any penalty or due for the previous years by the income tax authorities.

Refund failed by the process through NECS or NEFT again because of any bank account closed or other reasons.

A few more simple steps online for all the above refund income tax status will get your refund as soon as possible.