Pay Income Tax Online and Offline – Which Is The Best Way?

If you fall under any category of income tax payment it is mandatory to pay income tax online or offline.  The offline option is the traditional and time-consuming process.  The online tax payment is the modern day way of paying tax with the comfort of home and with just a few clicks.

What is offline income tax payment:

From its inception in the year, 1961 for nearly half a century law abiding tax paying Indian citizens were made to stand in queues before the concerned Income Tax office for hours or some time days to pay to honor their responsibility towards the country.

Pay Income Tax online:

Income tax is the backbone of the country’s economy the government with the help of technology changed the traditional way of paying tax offline.  Recent income tax department’s statistics prove that the income tax payment has increased with online income tax payment.

How is the pay income tax online the best way than the offline?

To answer this question it will take volumes to detail the advantages of the pay income tax online facilities over the offline method.  Some of them include:

Saves time and money in the form of the following:

  • Transport expenses
  • Time of transport and standing in queues for paying the tax
  • No unpaid leaves
  • No hazardous brokers or middleman for paying the tax
  • In most cases can be done without the guidance of the auditors which could save money and time spent with them.
  • No more anxieties of what happens to the excess payments or short of payment of income tax
  • All details of the payment including the TDS, Education Cess, Surcharge, penalties, fines, refunds, refund status, ITR filing status and many more details regarding the tax paid could be known with just by a click. In the offline method, no one can even imagine the numerous trips to the income tax offices for these enquires and the anxiety and trouble doing it every time.

Just pay income tax online and be relieved for one year to do it again in the simplest and easy way.