Is Tracking Online Income Tax Return Status Easy?

Once after successful completion of online income tax return, anyone will be anxious to know the end result of it.  Human beings are curious creatures.  This curiosity is well understood by the Income-tax department.  They will first on successful filing issue ITR V for acknowledgment of your online income tax returns.  Once this is done the status in the official website where you have filed the status of the ITR filing will show successfully verified.  This means that your online income tax returns have been successfully verified by the income tax authorities for the basic needs of filing ITRs.

Status of ‘ITR Processed”:

This is the next stage of verification.  The online income tax returns are processed by the Income-tax authorities by cross verifying your details with the details of you as per their records.  If t there is any discrepancy in the tax paid either more or less will be notified.  If the tax paid is less they will intimate you through a notice under Section 143(1). This notice will clearly establish the status of your online income tax return.  One of the following will be informed in the notice to you which include:

  • The amount of tax paid less with the reasons and the time to pay it with or without interest or penalty
  • The excess tax paid and the amount of refund you are eligible and when will it be credited or sent to you.
  • If everything is perfect the notice is the confirmation of your income tax return filing for the assessment year.

Online verification of income tax return filing status:

There are two ways to find online the income tax return filing status.  They include:

  • With login credentials:

Just login into the website with your login ID and password and click the View returns/Forms option.  Select the assessment year it will clearly display whether your form is verified or processed.

  • Without login credentials:

Open the official website and click the ITR status on the far left under the service tab.  It will direct you to another screen asking for your PAN  number and ITR acknowledgment number and captcha.  After keying in all the three your status with the refund amount sent or not will be displayed.

It is now, for you to decide whether checking online income tax return status easy or not.