Do you need to send Online Income Tax Payment slip to the IT department with the ITR verification form?

Income Tax is the most talking about a subject as still there are so many people all across the city not aware of it properly. And therefore this above-mentioned topic is being covered here. The easy and simple way to pay the income tax is to pay it through net banking or debit card.

Procedure for online income tax payment

  • First, calculate the total taxable income for the year
  • Calculate any interest if applicable
  • Open the website
  • You need to click on the TAB having text “go to services” and then go ahead clicking on “pay taxes online.”
  • Enter your challan number/ INS 280. A challan number is the one provided to you by the bank when you deposit the tax payable and pay the authorize bank that amount.
  • Enter your challan details like the Tax applicable form the corporation tax or from a company, the valid PAN number with the registered address, the assessment year, type of payment, valid email id and mobile number and the mode of payment.
  • Click on Save and proceed. If the entered data is correct then, the page will direct you to the Net banking portal. If you want to edit any detail then click on ‘Edit’.
  • Pay the required amount.
  • After the successful payment, the screen will display the CIN with the payment details and the bank name.
  • Finally, click on print and save and proceed.

The final steps require you to send the online income tax payment slip

After the online income tax payment is completed, and you get the receipt; on the receipt of the ITR-V or ITR-verification form you have to sign as in your legal documents in blue ink. There is no requirement of sending any supporting documents. Place this ITR-V form in an envelope and you have to send it on the following address,

  • Income Tax Department- CPC, Post box no. ,
  • Electronic city post office
  • Bangalore-560100
  • Karnataka, India