How can you retrieve your Login Income Tax and password for income tax e-filing?

It is very common for taxpayers to forget their credentials like the login id and password of their login Income Tax of government of India website and portal. It is a very common mistake which should not be made seeing to the nature and extent of account hacking on rise.

The login id for the login Income Tax page of the portal is actually nothing other than the PAN number of an individual. The password on the other hand is something that has been uniquely created by the taxpayer and it is very important to save it in your mind and prevent it from being tampered. However, in case you’ve forgotten your login credentials you can use the following methods to reset your income tax password.

How To Recover Your Login Income Tax Password

The income tax website of the Indian government does not have the option of recovering old password so you can only rest it to a new one by creating a new password. That is only when you will be able to login. You can rest your login income tax password in two ways:

  • through the income tax website
  • by mailing the income tax department of a new password

By Resetting With The Income Tax Website

  • click on the login button
  • click on forgot password
  • now enter your PAN card number and the captcha code displayed.
  • click on submit
  • Now you can recover your income tax e-filing password by either answering the secret question, uploading the digital signature certificate (DSC) or by entering the e-filed acknowledgment number and the bank account number.
  • A new link will open up where you can create your new password

By Sending A Mail To The Income Tax Department

You can also send a mail to the income tax department on the mail id and request them to rest your password. Mention the following details in the mail, PAN number, taxpayer’s name, date of birth, father’s name and the mailing address.

You will then receive a reply within the next 48 hours and then you can reset your password.