How To Check Income Tax Refund Status Online?

Any refunds are rewards to many.  Money lost due to simple clerical and typing mistakes if refunded brings a smile to many faces.  The satisfaction of the mistake being found and also getting the extra paid hard earned money is surely a reward and gift for taxpayers.  Keeping this in mind the Income-tax refund status is provided in the official website of the income tax department for taxpayers to check online the income tax refund status.

Refund reasons:

There may be many reasons for getting a refund from the income tax authorities.  Mostly the form filling should be done with care either in physical or online form.  Patience and prudence should be applied in the first place to avoid refund even though it is a reward.  In some unavoidable circumstances, taxpayers must have omitted certain tax deductions, expenses, and many to be added later to avail tax deduction.  This deduction comes in the form of a refund from income tax authorities.

Simple ways to check your income tax refund status online:

If you have filed the income tax returns physically you have to go to the concerned income tax office to verify your refund status. In the case of online e-filing of income tax, the following are the simple ways to check your income tax refund status online:

ü  Go to the official website of income tax

ü  Log in with your ID and password

ü  Enter your PIN number

ü  Select the assessment year for which you seek a refund

ü  Type the captcha code displayed on the screen

ü  And finally just click the submit button.

What is the duration of getting your refund online:

For e-filing refunds, it will take a minimum of 3 – 6 months for the refunds to be verified by the income tax authorities and clear your refund to reach your bank account.