What misuse can be done if anyone knows yours Income Tax India Login details?

The government of India’s department of TDS (Tax deducted at source) centralized processing cell has already warned the candidates and the taxpayers to preserve user id and password as they are the most sensitive information and the misuse of it can tamper your confidential information related to your TDS form and information. The most important things in the Income Tax India Login credentials of a taxpayer are the password and the user id of the individual.

What If Password Is Hacked or Stolen –

Just in case, if the password of an individual is hacked or stolen then this can result in the breaching of the security information that can lead to very undesirable consequences and also violation of the privacy. Also if your user id is hacked by someone, they can visualize your income tax details and then can clear out all the security aspects of your information.

All the information mainly, the login details mainly the user id and password and this should not be disclosed to any unintended or any unauthorized individual and if shared the taxpayer should be liable to all such consequences.

How TRACES Helps Your In Easy Filing Of Tax –

The TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System (TRACES) online system helps a taxpayer in the easy filling of tax which is deducted at the source of your salary (TDS) or the tax collected at the source (TCS) correction statements by various collectors or deductions and various functionalities. While filing in the form the portal asks for a password which should be eight characters in length and should also be a combination of lower case, upper case, numeric and special characters. Also we should never write passwords on notepads or workbooks.

Also refrain from keeping sensitive information like passwords in e-mails, folders and files in your computer can also be risky. If anyone hacks your computer, then they could misuse your passwords, take money from your accounts, tamper your email and disturb your credit and debit information. Three things important for your Income Tax India Login is the user-id, passwords and digital signature certificate (DSC).