What Are Income Tax India Efilling and simple steps to do this?

Technology has made life better in many ways.  To make the payment of income tax and to file returns it has made a tremendous leap in the last few years in the way of income tax India E-filing.  The ‘E’ is for electronic and you can sit in the comfort of your home and file the income tax returns and the payments.  This reduces the hazards of long queues before the income tax authorities and the cumbersome process of filing returns.  Also, this saves a lot of money to be spent on filing the returns. 

·         Who Can Do Income Tax India E-Filing:

Any Indian citizen who wants to file returns of his income to the income tax authorities can file e-filing.  This is an official record of your income status and also proof of your income tax payments online.  Also, it is mandatory for people with income of above 2.5 lakhs annually.  Senior citizens the slabs are little higher.

·         What Are The Steps For Income Tax India E-Filing:

Basic computer knowledge and providing the required details is enough for e-filing.  The following are the few steps for a new aspirant who wants to do income tax India E-filing:

1.       Go the official website of the income tax department

2.      Register yourself with a username and password

3.      Log in with your username and enter your personal information along with the bank details

4.      Enter your salary details

5.      If you are claiming any deductions by way of TDS or tax deducted at source or any other deductions enter it in the appropriate column to avail the exemptions from the income tax authorities.

6.      If any advance tax paid or any form of tax like self-assessment paid for the financial year should be entered in the column in the website.

7.      E-file income tax return

8.     E-verify income tax return

That’s it.  You have successfully filed your income tax India E-filing.