How Form Income Tax India 26as Helps In Filing Income Tax Return?

 One of the most important documents in the filing of Income tax in India is Form 26AS. The Income Tax India Form 26AS is one of the consolidated tax statements that can be actually accessed by all the taxpayers on the online website of the Income Tax department by using the Permanent Account Number (PAN). In simple languages, if you have paid taxes on your income and it has also been deducted from your income, then the Income Tax department has those details in their database.

With the Income Tax India Form 26AS, you can get all the information about your income on which the taxes have been deducted as well as the tax that has been paid by your employer to the government treasury on your behalf. It also has the details of your deductors in form of their names and their Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN). Along with this, it also has the details of your tax refund received by you for the financial year.

Income Tax India Form 26AS includes all the taxes paid by you in ways through deductions making it easier for you to figure out and claim the credits of your taxes while filing your income tax return.

Where to get the income tax India to form 26AS

This form can be easily downloaded at the TRACES website. After you log in click on view form 26AS under My Account tab. Choose the relevant assessment year for which you want to download the details and open the document with the date of birth as your password.

You can even highlight the discrepancies in your details section and make the necessary rectifications. Also it is important that you the taxes claimed in the tax return form 16 are in line with the form 26AS for every taxpayer. So, what are you waiting for?  You may also expert help regarding this.