How Can I File Income Tax Returns Without Income Tax Form 16?

Form 16 is the proof of TDS or tax deducted at source by the employer.  This is to be given mandatorily by all employers every year.  For assessment of income tax returns, this form plays a vital role for both the employer and the employee.  This has to be given by the employer after the end of the financial year on or before June 15th to enable the filing of ITR within the stipulated time.  This Income tax form 16 clearly displays what is the tax deducted at source and paid to the income tax authorities.

Prominent reasons to file ITR without income tax form 16:

  • Some lose the income tax form 16 given by the employer. This could be solved simply by getting a duplicate from the employer.
  • Some exit the job without proper formalities and will be unable to get the form 16.
  • The employer could have shut down the business and there is no possibility of getting the form 16.

How can ITRs be filed without income tax form 16?

  • With or without form 16 filing ITRs continuously is mandatory. Not having form 16 could be no reason for not filing ITR.  The following are the simple steps to be taken to file ITR without Form 16.
  • Always keep the salary slips safely. This is very important to file the salary slips every month. This contains the breakup of the salary including the TDS and other allowances like HRA, LTA, Transport allowances and many more.
  • Form 26AS which is the annual statement of the consolidated details of all the information related to the tax including TDS, TCS, refunds etc. This Form 26AS is associated with all the PAN and could reveal all your tax details.
  • Compute income from capital gains, house property, and all other sources.
  • Calculate all available tax deductions including under Section 80C, 80D etc.