How To Pay Income Tax E Payment Online In India?

E-payments are easy payments of income tax e-payment online in India.  It has changed the income tax payments once and for all.  Each and every time to make either the advance tax or self-assessment tax or any kind of payments are made easy with income tax e payments.

What Are The Modes Of Income Tax Payments?

  • Traditional physical filing:

There are now two types of income tax payments.  One is the traditional physical method of paying the income tax with the income tax office or in a bank.

  • Income tax e payment:

This e payment is done with the links provided by the online services of NSDL or the national securities depository limited.  They can be done from any place anytime and for any amount.

What Are The Income Tax E-Payments:

There are different kinds of income tax e-payments.  They are included as reference numbers for all the taxes.  Some are listed below:

  • 100 – Advance tax
  • 300 – Self-assessment tax
  • 400 – Regular assessment tax

There are also options for penalties, interests, surcharges, other charges, education cess, TDS left-outs, and many more via the income tax e payment mode.

Steps For Income Tax E Payment:

  • Click on https://onlineservices.tin
  • Once in the link click challan No/ITNS 280
  • In the payment display key in all the relevant details correctly
  • On rechecking and confirming you will be directed to the bank account mentioned in the e payment.
  • Fill in the relevant details and get the challan identification number required for e-filing of your income tax returns.

Precautions In Income Tax E Payment:

The important factor for income tax e payments is the keying in of correct details.  This should be done with care and concern to avoid any future issues with the income tax and additional burden in the form of refunds, corrections, changes, and many more.