How To Use  Income Tax Challan 280 To Pay Online Income Tax?

Technology has swept the tax payments into online mode and made it easier and fast for all concerned.  Even today there are people who pay the traditional tax payment in the form of filling income tax challan 280 and remitting it in the bank.  But for most of the tax payments, the income tax department has made it mandatory to pay income tax challan 280 only on the online mode.

Steps to use income tax challan 280 to pay tax online:

To reduce the burden of going to the bank to stand in queues and filling the complex Challan 280 form are all gone with the online use of income tax challan 280 for tax filing.  It is done by the following few steps in the comfort of home.

Step 1:- Login to TIN NSDL website and open the link –

Step 2 – Select Challan No/ITNS 280 which is provided under ‘Non-TDS/TCS. The two options are (0021) for individuals, LLPs, partnerships and many others except for companies which come under the other option (0020).

Step 3 – Enter the PAN number and select the correct assessment year for which the tax is to be paid.

Step 4 – Enter all the personal and tax details including the amount to be paid.

Step -5 The bank should be selected from which the payment is to be transferred to the income tax department.

Step 6 – Click the submit button after confirming all the details.

Step 7 – The bank selected will be linked and by clicking the calculate button the details of the surcharge, penalties, education cess, can be added there to compute the correct income tax payable.

Just click the pay button for successful completion the tax payable under the Income-tax challan 280 for the assessment year. To put in simple words, this is quite easier to get it done following these above mentioned steps.

Income Tax Challan 280