Section 143 1A in Indian Income Tax Act 1961 and Provision Of Section 54

 Section 143 1A is an intimation made under the Income Tax Act 1961 that empowers the tax authority to give a notice to the taxpayer on finding the difference between the tax which is actually paid and tax payable. This is basically an auto-generated notice which is generated by computers of income tax department.

Reasons for issuing a notice to the tax payer

As per the provision of income tax act 1961, if any individual files his/her income tax return incorrectly then a notice will be issued. Whether it is done by mistake or purposely, a notice will be issued to the tax payer. Some of the main reasons for issuing notice are listed below:

  • The income tax return filed by the tax payer matches with an assessment of the AO.
  • When you pay less than the required amount of income taxes. Taxes that are due to you need to be paid within 30 days of receiving the notice.
  • When the amount paid by you is more. The tax payer will be issued a refund notice through the bank account.

Steps you need to do to deal with an intimation

If you’ve received intimation under Section 143 1A in the Indian Income Tax Act 1961, you need to first check out the reason for it. If the refund is due then you need not to do anything as you’ll receive the amount in the bank account.

If you know you’ve done any mistake in filing the return and are satisfied with the intimation issued to you then pay the remaining amount of tax as per the section 143 1. If you’re not satisfied with the notice issued to you then you need to contact the income tax officer so that the reasons can be discussed with him. The motto behind sharing this information is making you aware of it.