Advantages of e-payment of income tax

One of the best facilities launched by the IT department of India was to allow the e-Payment of income tax facility for the various taxpayers. Now the taxpayers can avail to two modes of payment for the direct taxes one of them is the physical mode meaning the payment made by challan at an authorized bank and through the e-payment mode with the help of net banking with any authorized bank of the country.

Companies and noncorporate taxpayers can use only the e-payment mode of tax payment. E-payment saves a lot of time and effort and it is generally preferred.

Requirements for E-payment of income tax

The prerequisite for e-payment of income tax is access to the net banking enabled account from an authorized bank. It is important that you maintain a balance so that you can pay the amount.

Advantages of e-payment of income tax

There are a number of advantages of registering through the income tax website portal for the e-payment of income tax.

  • It is very simple, easy and safe to use. It saves a lot of time and it does not require any manual labor to visit the branch and can be done from anywhere.
  • The amount is transferred into your bank account instantly and without any delay.
  • You can easily enquire with the Income Tax Department on whether they have received the tax amount or not.
  • All the details of the e-challan will be sent directly to the Income Tax Department. There will be no data entry required.
  • An immediate receipt of the tax payment is issued right away when the income tax amount deducted from your online bank account.

You may also take the help of the experts in this regard if not able to get in a right way. The experts can make you understand about it in a discreet manner.