What Are Best Solutions For Bulk Efiling Income Tax Return?
If E-filing has made life easier for the responsible tax – paying citizens, it is the bulk e-filing income tax return which is a boon to both the employees and the employer. For today’s companies, there is numerous staff who are eligible to pay ITRs every year.  Most of them fall under the salaried class or the ITR 1 of the ITR process.  Also, ITR1- ITR6  can be filed with bulk efiling income tax returns.

How is bulk efiling income tax return done?
This bulk efiling income tax return is done in three ways nowadays.  They include:

Professional individual efiling returns collected from all the employees:This is done by reputed companies by sending in experienced auditors or consultants and support staff to the companies and collects all the tax return details of the employees.  This enables the individual concerns to be voiced to them and remedies and doubts done.  After collecting all the details the bulk efiling is done by the auditing firm.  This is a systematic professional bulk efiling but the costs of it are comparatively higher than the other two ways.

Software for bulk efiling income tax returns:
ERI or the e-Return Intermediary is a software developed for bulk efiling income tax returns by uploading the finalized ITR XML returns in bulk with a single click.  There is no need for several logins and the data is safe since it is desktop based.  The ITR V or the acknowledgment by the IT department is mailed to the email address mentioned in the ITR return instantly and also will be available in the Assessees individual ITR login at Income tax department web portal.

Cloud-based bulk efiling income tax returns:
This is just like email.  No need to install any software.  Just click and start filing your efiling income tax returns. A single login Id by the auditing firm will enable to file thousands of efiling income tax returns.  Also, multiple users in multiple offices and places for checking pending, verified and processing status of IT returns.