How Can I Contact Director Of Income Tax If Wish To Lodge Complaints About Tax Evasion?


Tax evasion serves to be one of the most common and prevalent type of corruption that leads to misconducts and malpractices. For such acts, complaints are registered in the public governmental houses and after careful vigilance, the concerned authority or person is punished.

For cases concerning the tax evasion, a tax evasion petition can be field by the individual. In this tax evasion petition, all one has to do is to write a letter to the director of the income tax office in whose jurisdiction the person who you think is evading tax resides and he/she carries out their business or profession. For writing the letter, mention the subject of the letter as the Tax Evasion petition itself and its not important to mention your name or the sender’s name or address in it. Many of the tax evasion petitions received at the director of the income tax’s office is anonymous.

Also while writing petitions to the director of Income tax it is very important to make your petition specific and not generic because that is only when you’re petition would be considered real and some action would be taken against it. For petitions stating to conduct raids in medical colleges that take a lot of money or blaming a government employee of black money and corruption doesn’t end getting resolved by the officers. There has to be some evidence attached to it so that it can get the department’s attention. You can mention details like the name of the assessee or the address or some transaction records that you found to be suspicious.

Steps for filing a complaint

First write to the jurisdictional officer or mail to him. Login to the and send the letter to his address. You can even mark a copy to the PM so that the officers respond back to it. This puts you into the Income tax Disclosure scheme wherein you are rewarding with a handsome money if the defaulter is arrested.