Author: Ashraf khan

income tax slab

What is all that is expected from the income tax slab for tax rates of 2018-2019? The particular income tax slab for a year tells about the threshold limit beyond which a specific rate for a particular kind of tax will be...

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income tax e payment

How To Pay Income Tax E Payment Online In India? E-payments are easy payments of income tax e-payment online in India.  It has changed the income tax payments once and for all.  Each and every time to make either the...

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income tax websites

How Income Tax Websites Are Quite Useful? Websites changed the world.  Then why it should not change the income tax which is regarded as the backbone of any country.  It is the official websites of the income tax...

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income tax online

How To Do Income Tax Online Payment Using Challan 280? Technology has made income tax online.  This is a gift and a boon to the taxpayers.   Gone are those days of standing in queues and other formalities with...

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income tax act

What Is Income Tax Act 1961 – Rules And Sections? “The best thing to get more understand in this world which is income tax” these are the words of Albert Einstein. Such are the complexities of Acts, rules, sections,...

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